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Intracranial Aneurysms

Derivo Embolization Device

Derivo Embolization Device is a new approach for treatment of cerebral aneurisms – especially spindle-shaped and large with a wide neck-consists in applying the method of diverting the flow using embolizing devices placed in the original artery.

These devices have a high coverage of the vessel wall and the ability to modify the hemodynamic forces and vectors segment bearing an aneurysm.

Acclino Flex Plus stent

Acclino Flex Plus stent is a very flexible self-expanding nitinol stent intended for use of cerebrovascular aneurisms. The optimized asymmetric design of the closed-cell laser cutting stent cell provides the highest flexibility in its class. The stent exhibits improved dilatation behavior, excellent superposition of the vessel wall and optimal compatibility even in the sinuous vessel anatomy.

ACCERO® Stent:

The self-expanding braided stent is characterized by an excellent opening behavior, superior wall apposition and a very smooth surface. It is intended for use with embolization materials in the treatment of intracranial aneurysms. The stent expands perfectly and adheres to the vessel walls at both ends. The high radial resistance of the stent reliably holds the coils for embolization of cerebral aneurysms.

Penumbra PC 400 coil

The Penumbra Coil 400 (PC 400) is a large-volume platinum embolization device. With its larger primary diameter, PC 400 is designed to achieve higher packing densities using fewer coils, compared to conventional 10-system coils. The PC 400 system features an instant, single-click mechanical detachment system for ease of use.

Penumbra SMART Coil

The Penumbra SMART COIL® System is comprised of complex and WAVE™ coils designed for framing, filling, and finishing. These coils have varying levels of softness designed to simplify complex cases. All coils within the Penumbra SMART COIL System are built with Ultra HD Fiber which is designed to be 3x stronger and 3x more flexible than polypropylene. Penumbra SMART COIL also features an instant, single-click mechanical detachment system for ease of use and reliability. The Penumbra SMART COIL System is used to treat a wide range of neurovascular lesions, including small, medium, and large-sized aneurysms.

PX Slim Microcatheter Penumbra

The PX SLIM Microcatheter is designed for trackability and support when delivering Penumbra’s large-volume coils (Penumbra Coil 400).

Ischemic stroke

Hybrid thrombectomy device APERIO

APERIO is a brand-new nitinol stent-retriever for fast flow recovery with advanced visualization. This is the third generation of stent-retrievers APERIO, characterized by perfect interaction of acute ischemic stroke. Product advanced visibility provides maximum control and safety during procedure. Effective hybrid cell design gives better flow recovery.

The 3D Revascularization Device

The 3D Revascularization Device™ offers four intraluminal chambers designed to lock, and petals to trap, for clot extraction in combination with Penumbra JET™ 7 and ACE™ Reperfusion Catheters.

The Valocity catheter

A hydrophilic microcatheter (sterile, single use) to deliver the Penumbra 3D Separator to target segments of the intracranial arteries.

The Reperfusion catheter Penumbra System ACE 68 kit

Penumbra System® ACE™ Reperfusion Catheters Penumbra’s ACE Reperfusion Catheters (ACE68 and ACE60) are intended for use in the revascularization of patients with acute ischemic stroke secondary to large vessel occlusion. The ACE catheter design further increases the distal and proximal lumen sizes, providing optimal trackability and even greater aspiration power. ACE68 is designed to easily navigate tortuous vessels to facilitate extraction of clot quickly and reliably through its large .068″ (1.73 mm) inner lumen with the deep vacuum power of the Penumbra ENGINE™ aspiration source.

Penumbra 3MAX Reperfusion catheter

The Penumbra System MAX™ Reperfusion Catheters are intended for use in the revascularisation of patients with acute ischemic stroke secondary to large vessel occlusion disease. The 3MAX and 4MAX Reperfusion Catheters feature MAX tracking technology and are designed to be delivered over a guidewire to distal occlusions. The 5MAX combines MAX tracking technology with a larger lumen, and is delivered using a coaxial technique. The MAX Reperfusion Catheters are intended for use with Penumbra ENGINE™ and Hi-Flow Aspiration Tubing.

Penumbra JET 7:

The Penumbra JET 7 is the Penumbra System’s seventh generation reperfusion catheter for proximal large vessel occlusions. The larger lumen of Penumbra JET 7 with XTRA FLEX technology, powered by Penumbra ENGINE, is designed to increase thrombus removal force. The JET 7 is supported by the third generation Penumbra aspiration source, Penumbra ENGINE, which offers the deepest vacuum available with the Penumbra system.

Penumbra MAX Pump

Electric vacuum suction pump MAX Pump. Reusable pump for performing thrombo aspiration from cerebral and peripheral vessels. Supply voltage - 220V, range of created vacuum - 0-74.0 kPa

Penumbra Engine:

Penumbra ENGINE, which offers the deepest vacuum available with the Penumbra system. Penumbra ENGINE offers a near-perfect vacuum (-29.2 inHg) and features a sleek, simple design with one-touch aspiration control, a new canister with integrated clot catcher and LED canister lighting. Together, the Penumbra system with the new Penumbra JET 7 reperfusion catheter powered by Penumbra ENGINE provides maximum thrombus removal force for revascularization of patients with acute ischemic stroke with large vessel occlusion. Penumbra ENGINE creates an almost pure vacuum to capture the clot with the Penumbra JET 7, ACE and MAX reperfusion catheters

NeuroBridge® Intermediate Catheter

  • A multi-functional intermediate catheter, which offers support and stability for microcatheters and is also suitable for aspiration.
  • Proximal shaft stiffness for superior pushability.
  • Precise navigation and optimised torque control because of 5 transition zones.
  • Low friction due to inner PTFE liner.
  • Soft, rounded, flexible and preshaped tip allows easy and atraumatic vessel selection.
  • Push-torque-navigate braiding technology for excellent torquability.
  • Overall increased kink and ovalisation resistance due to special braiding construction.
  • 25° multi-purpose tip shape enables an easy and safe vessel targeting.

Intracranial stenosis

Acclino Flex HRF - Intracranial Stent

Acclino Flex HRF is self-expanding nitinol stent, which intended for use in treatment of intracranial aneurisms and stenosis of cerebral vessels. One of the key product advantages are stent high radial force and reposition ability in target vessel. The stent exhibits improved expansion behavior, excellent vascular wall placement and optimal compatibility even in tortuous vascular anatomies.

NeuroSpeed PTA balloon catheter

Neuro Speed PTA balloon catheter is intended for use for gentle treatment of intracranial stenosis, as well as, indicated for dilating stenosis of cerebral arteries in order to improve perfusion.

Credo stent is hybrid self-expanding nitinol stent for gentle treatment of intracranial stenosis:

The CREDO® Stent is a self-expanding stent for treatment of intracranial stenosis. Due to its low profile the stent can be delivered through the NeuroSpeed® PTA Balloon Catheter with an inner diameter of 0.0165“. No exchange of the PTA balloon catheter by a microcather is required – minimizing treatment time and procedural risks.

Carotid stenosis

CGuard - Carotid Stent with Anti-Embolic Protective System

Nitinol self-expanding stent for stenting of carotid arteries with antiembolic protective system that prevents protrusion of atherosclerotic masses.
Features and Benefits:
• Double layer design;
• Dual stent design for optimal flexibility and better plaque retention;
• Open cell.
• Protective antiembolic system MicroNet ™ - PET mesh sleeve

o Continuous anti-embolic protection;
o Trapping and sealing possible emboli;
o Greater confidence in post-dilation;
o Prevents plaque loss and possible further embolization;
o No restenosis within 6 months *.

Distal embolic protection device Proender

Proender distal embolic protection device is intended for use during procedures on carotid artery. It is a conical filter installed on the delivery system. Filter is made from nitinol which gains excellent hemocompatibility. Filter’s braided design and round distal tip eliminates the risk of vessel trauma. Precise axial control and kink resistance ensure patency in complex tortuous anatomy. The golden loop allows you to accurately identify the opening status and position of the filter in the vessel. Radiopaque markers at the distal and proximal ends of the filter. Marker on the distal end of the delivery catheter. The filter’s mesh diameter ensures low endovascular pressure and continuous blood flow. The extraction device closes the filter on all sides at the same time, which minimizes the loss of embolics, filter can be closed at any angle. Compatibility with any 0,014’’ guidewire. Compatibility with guiding catheter with minimal inner diameter 0,066’’. Folded distal part’s profile 3,2 Fr /4,2 Fr. Available filter’s baskets sizes: Ø 3,4,5,6,7,8 mm. Working length of delivery catheter – 190 cm and 320 cm.


The Neuron MAX 088 catheter

Neuron MAX® 088 is designed for neurovascular use delivering MAX support for today’s most advanced treatment options. Penumbra Select™ Catheters enable Rapid Primary Access into final position, eliminating the need for an over-the-wire exchange.

The NeuroSlider Microcatheter:

Neuro Slider Microcatheter is intended for flexible use, which designed for safe deployment of low friction therapeutic and diagnostic products. Microcatheter available with inner diameter 0,0165”, 0,021” and 0,027” with length 155 cm.

Minimal-invasive neurosurgery

Hemorrhagic stroke

Artemis neuro evacuation device:

Artemis neuro evacuation device is intended for controlled tissue aspiration and/ or fluid from the ventricles and other structures of the brain. Artemis device works in conjunction with a neuro endoscope through a 19 F (6 mm) guide. Together with aspiration system MAX Pump, Artemis device provides powerful and controlled hematoma evacuation with minimal invasive intervention.

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