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RAABE Mapping Aspirator

Dynamic continuous subcortical mapping is a new method that simplifies the resection of a brain tumor. The Raabe mapping aspirator allows for aspiration during removal of a brain tumor and, at the same time, additionally performs dynamic mapping of the pyramidal pathways.

Mapping Aspirator: Surgical Aspirator and Mapping Probe in One Instrument

- Subcortical mapping with simultaneous aspiration;
- Tumor resection becomes safer;
- No need to replace tools;
- Continuous sound feedback.


Riechert Mundinger Stereotactic systems

- Three-point fixation;
- Large selection of tools;
- Maximum accuracy and stability.

Zamorano Duchovny Stereotactic systems

-One fixation point;
- Fast assembly and mounting;;
- 6 mounting positions on the head ring.

Patient Phantom

- The device is intended for use to verify the scope and accuracy of planning;
- Simulated target coordinates, and the real position of the frame at the head ring of the patient.

Micro Drive System

- High precision immersion of microelectrodes;
- Tactile immersion control of the carriage with electrodes;
- Possibility of simultaneous installation of up to 5 electrodes.


ISIS MER Steady-state system

- The MER module is installed on the ISIS IOM neuromonitor chassis as an additional module;
- Ability to perform complex neuromonitoring, combining MER and DBS with EMG, VP and EEG.

Portable system ISIS MER

- Compact version - only the MER unit and control software on the laptop;
- Mobile case for all system blocks;
- Ability to connect additional amplifier blocks for EMG recording / IMP.

IPS Planning Program

- Universal solution for planning stereotactic operations;
- DICOM support, compatibility with frames and implantable systems of various manufacturers;
- Brachytherapy Planning
- Conducting precision operations on the human brain tissue with preservation;

Head ringsа



"Neurosurgeon Assistant"

Head rings

Universal CT / MRI patient localization

Mounted on the head ring at the imaging step. The localizer basis are tubes with contrast medium.
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