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Tumors embolization materials

Embozene Microspheres, Precisely Calibrated Microspheres

Benefits of Calibration: Embozene microspheres allow for a strong correlation between microsphere size and the diameter of vessel occlusion; Precisely calibrated sizing decreases risk of premature vessel occlusion; Greater confidence when performing superselective and targeted embolizations.

Benefits of Easy-to-Maintain Suspensions: Easily suspends in contrast media and maintains homogeneous suspensions; Ensures smooth delivery through a Microcatheter; Enables physician to concentrate on the screen; Reduces risk of microcatheter occlusion.

Benefits of Structural Resiliency: Compressible up to 30% for smooth delivery through a catheter; Elasticity allows for the microspheres to rebound to their original shape after compression; Robustness prevents clumping and fragmentation during delivery.

Benefits of Biocompatibility: Preclinical studies show that both the core and shell are biocompatible with low levels of inflammation; Highly Biocompatible hydrogel microspheres coated with Polyzene®-F.

Indications for use of Embozene microspheres:

1. Fibroids of the uterus
2. Swollen head, neck, torso and skeletal system
3. Neurovascular and peripheral arteriovenous malformations
4. Hepatocellular carcinomas
5. Bleeding and trauma
6. Preoperative preparation to reduce the risk of bleeding (except for operations on the central nervous system)

Wide range of sizes offered in 1 and 2 mL syringes From 40 μm to 1300 μm Sold in single syringe units Color-coded to enhance visualization and aid in size recognition Three-year shelf life from the date of manufacture

Emozene TANDEM Microspheres, Precisely calibrated Drug-Eluting Microspheres

Emozene TANDEM drug-eluting microspheres are finely calibrated small microspheres for controlled embolization. The product has unique dimensions specially designed for deep penetration into the tumor, in particular 40, 75 and 100 microns. The use of the product reduces the risk of premature vascular occlusion for deep-targeted embolization.

Indications for use of Embozene TANDEM drug-coated microspheres:

1. Microspheres intended for use in embolization of blood vessels supplying primary hypervascular tumors or liver metastases.

Precisely calibrated to give more opportunities for embolization.

Loading drugs
The size of the microspheres remains stable during loading and storage of drugs; the typical size change is less than 5%.

Fast loading times for drugs (30-120 minutes depending on prescription). Possibility of loading up to 50 mg drug / ml microspheres: - doxorubicin-HCl powder or solution - irinotecan-HCl Three sizes offered in 2 and 3 ml product per syringe from 40 to 100 microns. Three-year shelf life from the date of manufacture


The Endocare CryoCare Touch interventional cryoablation system

Cryo Care Touch is a fully integrated, highly precise ablation treatment system featuring a new intuitive touch screen interface, improved compact design, and software upgrades that offer a predictable therapy delivery with exceptional case of technical operation.

Touch screen monitor:
• Includes an integrated touch screen user interface to control and monitor the procedure

Monitor Adjustment:
• May be titled and rotated up to 190 degrees for optimal viewing

Cart Handles:
• Handles can be locked in the up position for easy transport

Locking wheels:
• 2 lockable swiveling casters and 2 directional wheels

Real-time readout:
• Displays a real-time readout of the argon and helium system pressures during the procedure

Remote Control Keypad:
• Alternative control for operating the Cryo Care Touch System

Temp Probe Connections:
Connect up to eight (A-H), independent Temp Probes

Cryo probe Connections:
Connect up to eight (1-8), single –use, disposable cryo probes

Compact Design
Compact, easy-to-operate console

Interventional Radiologists can treat almost any cancer.

Indications For Use
The Cryocare Touch System intended for use in open, minimally invasive or endoscopic procedures in the areas of general surgery, urology, gynecology, oncology, dermatology, ENT, proctology, pulmonary surgery and thoracic surgery. The system designed to freeze/ablate tissue by the application of extreme cold temperatures including prostate and kidney tissues, liver metastases, tumors, skin lesions, and warts.

In addition the Cryocare Touch System is intended for use in the following indications:

General Surgery:
Destruction of warts or lesions; Palliation of tumors of the oral cavity, rectum and skin; Ablation of breast fibro adenomas; Ablation of leukoplakia of the mouth, angiomas sebaceous hyperplasia, basal cell tumors of the eyelid or canthus area, ulcerated basal cell tumors, dermatofibromas, small hemangiomas, mucocele cysts, multiple warts, plantar warts, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, perianal condylomata, pilonidal cysts, actinic and seborrheic keratosis, cavernous hemangiomas, recurrent cancerous lesions.

Ablation of prostate tissue in cases of prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Ablation of malignant neoplasia or benign dysplasia of the female genitalia.

Ablation of cancerous or malignant tissue; Ablation of benign tumors; Palliative intervention.

Freezing of nerve tissue in pain management/cryoanalgesia.

Ablation or freezing of skin.

Ablation of benign or malignant growths of the anus or rectum; Ablation of hemorrhoids.

Thoracic Surgery:
Ablation of cancerous lesions.

For urologists:
Integrated ultrasound imaging (CS v. 4 & 5)
CryoGuide™ planning software
Individual probe control TempProbe™ temperature monitoring system
Closed-loop urethral warming system

For interventional radiology:
Excellent visibility under image guidance Multiple cryoprobes used simultaneously can create a large ablation zone.

Wide selection of cryoprobes
Integrated thermocouple in every cryoprobe Multiple ice ball sizes, probe lengths and diameters Patented design

Irreversible Tumors Electroporation

The Nano Knife 3.0 Irreversible (IRE) System

The Nano Knife 3.0 is the first IRE system, which intended to use in oncology, and is a brand new technology in focal ablation therapy.

Expanding the Boundaries of Ablation
The Nano Knife 3.0 System is expanding the boundaries of modern-day ablation. Its unique Irreversible Electroporation (IRE) technology does not rely on heat to achieve cell death. It uses a more natural method that destroys only targeted tissue, sparing critical structures including vessels, nerves and ducts.1234 With the Nano Knife 3.0 System comes an enhanced user experience– streamlining procedure set up and delivering real-time visual feedback.

About the IRE Technology Behind the Nano Knife System
Irreversible electroporation (IRE) is a technique using a non-thermal energy to create permanent nanopores in the cell membrane to disrupt cellular homeostasis. The disruption of cellular homeostasis initiates an apoptotic-like effect, which leads to permanent cell death. After delivering a sufficient number of high voltage pulses, the cells within the electrical field will be irreversibly damaged.

The uniqueness of the technology:

  • Non-thermal impact
  • High voltage pulses lead to damage to the membranes of tumor cells;
  • There is no problem of heat dissipation;
  • Stromal structures (tissues containing collagen / elastin) are not damaged;
  • Critical structures (vessels, nerves and ducts) are not affected
  • Lack of necrosis
  • Removal of products of cell destruction as a result of natural body processes for several weeks (imitation of natural cell death)
  • Possibility of re-procedure
  • Minimal number of complications

Nano Knife 3.0 device is intended to use in following deceases treatment:

  1. Adenocarcinoma of the prostate
  2. Adenocarcinoma of the pancreas

The Nano Knife system allows you to act on tumors located near vessels, nerve bundles and ducts, expanding the possibilities of treating cancer patients.

In non-resection pancreatic adenocarcinoma, IRE, in combination with chemotherapy and / or radiation therapy, leads to an increase in patient survival, as follows from the graph below. The median survival in this study (Robert CG Martin et al) was 28.3 months (Electroporation + resection, 50 patients) and 23.2 months. (Electroporation only, 150 patients)

When treating adenocarcinoma of the prostate gland, the use of Nano Knife almost never leads to the occurrence of erectile dysfunction. In addition, in the treatment of this disease, there is the possibility of repeated exposure, including after other types of interventions (HIFU, brachytherapy). The IRE method provides a low likelihood of complications and functional impairment.

The DIRECT Study for Stage III Pancreatic Cancer
The DIRECT study, sponsored by Angio Dynamics, Inc., is an FDA-approved clinical study that is evaluating the effectiveness of IRE technology for the treatment of stage III pancreatic cancer.

How Nano Knife 3.0 works:
The Nano Knife System uses electrical pulses of up to 3000 volts, which delivered through multiple needle probes placed in and / or around the ablation zone under ultrasound guidance. Under the influence of high voltage pulses, the membranes of malignant cells irreversibly damaged. Cells die, and waste products removed by the lymphatic system and because of a macrophage reaction. The procedure performing under general anesthesia and requires muscle relaxation. When performing electroporation with the Nano Knife, blood vessels, ducts and stromal structures - both inside and near the ablation zone - not damaged, which confirmed by the conducted studies.

Non-thermal impact
Irreversible electroporation (IRE) differs from other ablation methods that use extreme high or low temperatures. The radical difference when using the Nano Knife IRE system is that there is no heat dissipation problem. Removal of the products of cell destruction occurs because of natural processes for several weeks (imitation of natural cell death).

Microwave Ablation

The Solero Microwave Tissue Ablation Suystem (MTA)

The Solero* Microwave Tissue Ablation (MTA) System and Accessories are indicated for the ablation of soft tissue during open procedures. The Solero MTA System not intended for cardiac use. The Solero MTA System is unique because is specially designed to complete up to a 5 cm ablation in 6 minutes at max power output using a single applicator. The Solero MTA System is able to accomplish this through the innovative solid-state generator and specially designed applicator.

Solero Microwave Generator

  • 2.45 GHz Operating Frequency
  • Solid State Generator
  • Powers up to 140 W
  • Intuitive Touch Screen User Interface
  • Integrated Peristaltic Pump
  • Applicator Coolant Temperature Monitoring
  • Reflected Energy Monitoring
  • No Grounding/ Dispersive/ Neutral Electrode Required

Solero Microwave Applicator

  • Applicator Available in 14, 19, and 29 cm Lengths
  • Single Applicator System
  • 15 g Stainless Steel Applicator
  • Dielectric Antenna with an Optimized Ceramic Tip
  • Patented Coolant Channel with Thermocouple
  • 2.86 m (9.3 ft) Flexible, Fully Cooled Cable

Дренажные системы

SKATER™ Drainage System

The SKATER drainage catheter designed for draining cavities according to the Seldinger technique.

The catheter is made of soft polyurethane, which prevents twisting and ensures excellent memory of its configuration. Pigtail tip, large oval drainage holes and large lumen provide maximum drainage capacity.

The catheter covered with a layer of HYDROFEEL material for minimal friction during insertion. Supplied with removable rectifier.

The Product intended for use in: nephrostomy, cholecystectomy, drainage of abscesses and cysts.

Available with or without String Lock. The set includes a steel cannula and a polyethylene mandrel.

Distinctive features of the device:

  • Soft polyurethane prevents twisting and provides excellent configuration memory
  • Distal HYDROFEEL coating for easy insertion
  • Large oval drainage holes and large lumen for maximum drainage capacity
  • Minimal tissue damage and minimal irritation reduce patient discomfort
  • Clamp of a string, fixed on the slot of the cannula.

SKATER™ All-Purpose, Nephrostomy, & Biliary Drainage Catheters

The SKATER™ catheters designed to promote maximum drainage flow. They formulated for patient comfort, kink resistance, easy insertion, and radiopacity. They used safely with ethyl alcohol and doxycycline.

Each Set Includes:

  • SKATER™ catheter
  • Removable pigtail straightener
  • Metal stiffening cannula
  • Flexible stiffening cannula (Not available on 6F and 7F)
  • Locking system with snap-off tab (Not available on non-locking pigtail catheters)

Drainage bags

Key Product’s Attributes:

  • Kink-resistant tube can be cut and fit to the appropriate length
  • Flexible tubing allows for patient mobility during drainage
  • Twist-type valve provides quick and easy emptying of drainage bag
  • Anti-reflux valve prevents retrograde contamination
  • Fully adjustable soft belt provides patient convenience

Introducers/ needles (ISN)

Key Product’s Attributes

  • 5F Radiopaque sheaths for guidewire insertion or fluid aspiration
  • 19G needle with trocar-style tip for easy insertion
  • Available in 15cm and 20cm lengths

SKATER Centesis & Safety Centesis Catheters

SKATER ™ Centesis & Safety Centesis Catheters designed for use in percutaneous fluid outpatient clinics and low volume drainage procedures.

Key product’s attributes:

  • Needle with echogenic tip for precise placement under the image;
  • Tapered catheter tip; provides a good transition between the catheter and the needle to facilitate smooth insertion;
  • Four radial lateral holes on the catheter facilitate drainage in small cavities;
  • A needle with a hollow stylus allows aspiration of liquid before removing the needle;

The vent plug allows; air out of the catheter during insertion and protects against fluid leakage.

SKATER Fix Catheter Fixation Device

SKATER Fix Catheter Fixation Device
The SKATER™ catheters provide suture-free security while offering patient comfort.

Key product’s advantages:

  • Foam bridge prevents catheter kinking
  • Adjustable fixation straps fit catheters size 5-16 French
  • Hydrocolloid material absorbs fluid from the puncture site to minimize the risk of skin irritation

Epidermal part processed antiseptic provides reliable fixing without suturing the catheter to the skin
Installed for a period of 7 days or more
Moisture resistant
The presence of a transparent "window" at the exit site of the catheter
Attachable catheter size - 5 to 16Fr (1.7 to 5.3 mm)
Does not irritate the skin
Provides freedom of movement to the patient

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