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ISIS Xpert, ISIS Xpert plus and ISIS Xpress

ISIS Xpert, ISIS Xpert plus and ISIS Xpress

We are offering a full package of services for multimodal intraoperative neuromonitoring. The new ISIS IOM family impresses with its high performance, ease of use, flexibility and variety of applications.

The 16-channel low-noise modules and the ISIS neurostimulator with the suppression of active stimulation artifacts have been specially designed to meet the most stringent requirements of intraoperative neuromonitoring.

Universal software

- Neuro Expiorer Soft shell;
- Support for all intraoperation study modes including: EMG, EEG, SSEP and others.
- Management of all hardware blocks of the neuromonitor;
- Maintaining a digital patient map and automatic compilation of the operation protocol;
- Ready-made research scenarios and built-in settings editor.

Large screen and comfortable chassis

- Powerful all-in-one PC with touch screen - the new ISIS IOM performance standard;
- PC case meets medical standards;
- Mobile trolley with trays for accessories. 

Signal Amplifiers

- Each amplifier unit supports 16 recording channels;
- Reference blocks - for recording scalp leads: EEG, SSVP and others;
- Differential blocks - for Registration of muscular activity.


- Disposable hypodermic needle and scalp coil electrodes with various color coding for ease of connection;
- Bipolar and monopolar probes, including for stimulation of the cerebral cortex and cranial nerves;
- Unique bipolar needles for controlling the oculomotor muscles, isolated recording needles for selective EMG from a given muscle;
- Cortical multichannel grid electrodes;
- Raabe probe for subcortical motor mapping.

Special accessories

- Ergonomic switching blocks for stimulating and recording electrodes;
- Devices audible and visual stimulation;
- Excellent shielding of all peripheral units, cables and adapters.

Universal neurostimulator

- One neurostimulator for all operating modes - cortical, transcranial or direct neurostimulation of peripheral nerves;
- 12 universal channels of stimulation by high voltage current - any channel can be quickly configured for its type and method of stimulation:
- single discharge or stimulus package (maximum 9);
- different polarity and duration of the stimulus;
- different frequency and strength of stimulation.

C2 Nerve Monitor Neuromonitoring in spine surgery, Maxillofacial Surgery

C2 Nerve Monitor was designed for daily use and universal use in the operating room. Intelligent technology provides reliable signal stability when monitoring motor and sensory nerves and attracts a simple and intuitive user interface. It combines all the functions of well-known, purely acoustic nerve monitors and combines their simplicity with accurate visual presentation and detailed documentation. All components of the device are optimized for accurate and safe neuromonitoring in order to achieve the highest quality and reliability of the signal. 

Monoblock design

- 2 built-in electrical stimulators;
- 4 or 8 amplifier channels;
- Large LCD screen and audio system;
- Set up the device using the membrane buttons and the context menu on the screen;
- Adjust the volume and sound stimulants rotary handles selectors.

Stimulation probes

- Bipolar atraumatic electrode for continuous vagus nerve stimulation;
- 2 spherical contacts for minimal trauma to the nerve;
- Recording the trend of responses to stimulation - continuous monitoring of the state of the vagus and recurrent nerves;
- The elastic body facilitates fixation of the electrode on the nerve.

Stimulants and amplifier

- 2 independent stimulator blocks - 2 different probes can be connected simultaneously;
- Separate splitter for connecting needle electrodes;
- Software settings through membrane buttons and a context menu on the screen.

Automated software

- "Surgeon-oriented" apparatus, does not require maintenance by a neurophysiologist;
- Automatic analysis of answers; there is no need for manual calibration before starting work;
- Sound confirmation of the presence or absence of a response to stimulation;
- Automatic entry of patient responses into the protocol of the operation. 

Delta electrode

- Disposable or reusable;
- Monopolar probe for primary nerve search (screening);
- Bipolar probe-micro fork for targeted, selective stimulation;
- 2 stimulators - you can connect both probes at the same time.но; 
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