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Karl STORZ Video endoscopic complex

The Karl STORZ video endoscopic complex is a sophisticated high-tech medical imaging system for surgical interventions, the composition of which depends on the specific goals and objectives of the doctor. It includes diagnostic equipment, as well as medical instruments and devices, which are located in the right order and are always available for simultaneous use. This arrangement greatly simplifies the operation process and makes the procedure faster and more comfortable.

Technical specification:

- Endoscopic video camera: camera head plus console for decoding the image obtained from the endoscope;
- HD video monitor;
- Light source: main - xenon or LED, auxiliary - halogen;
- Coagulator with electrodes;
- Motor system;
- Insufflation unit;
- Pump for the supply and outflow of fluid;
- A video laparoscope or classic laparoscope is a rigid endoscope for performing diagnostic and surgical procedures on abdominal organs;
- Light guide cable;
- Manual tools (biting machines, scissors, tongs);
- Hardware rack with shelves and monitor holder;
- And other accessories: brushes, needles, tubes, etc.
- In the case of specialized manipulations and selection of equipment, this list may vary.+

KARL STORZ Additional equipment

Multifunctional high-speed motor system for neurosurgery and surgery.
LOTTA® Intracranial Neurosurgery System.

 Imaging and instruments for endoscopic surgery.
High-motor system for ENT
Middle Ear Endoscopic Surgery Instrument Kit
Cardiovascular system
Cardiac Surgery Optics
Stereoscopic 3D-system for manipulations requiring high accuracy of perception of space.
SpineTIP - Optimized Access System for Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Decompression.
EasyGO! ® II system for fully endoscopic treatment of the cervical and lumbar spine.
Diamond Standard Arthroscopes: HOPKINS® Optics and Tubes for Optimum Visibility
ENDOCAMELEON® ARTHRO multidirectional arthroscope combining HOPKINS® optical technology with adjustable viewing angle
KARL STORZ AUTOCON® III 400 High Frequency Generator, Complete System and Variety of Electrodes
New Generation of Pressure Controlled Percutaneous Nephrolithotripsy (PCNL) Systems
Instruments and tools for office hysteroscopy
New 15 Bipolar Office Resectoscope
KARL STORZ SILVER SCOPE® gastroscope series
Flexible gastroscopes of the SILVER SCOPE® series
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