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Redefining Care for Life-Threatening Neurovascular and Vascular Conditions

iSchemaView, Inc., California, USA is developer of hi-tech Neuroimaging Stroke Software Platform Powered by AI “RAPID”.

iShchemaView, Inc., RAPID AI is a world leader in development and integration of the only clinical validated digital platform of new generation for visualization and diagnostics of neurovascular diseases and automatization of clinical data workflow.

Based on the data gained because of more than 1 million scans in more than 1,800 hospitals in 60 countries Rapid platform use AI for creation of high quality, extended images with non-contrast CT, CT-angiography, CT-perfusion, MRI scan perfusion.

Delivered via App Sore and Google Play market on mobile devices, desktop and PACS, the Rapid clinical platform leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to create enhanced, high-quality images from NCCT, CTA, CTP and MRI diffusion and perfusion data, helping physicians make expedient diagnoses and treatment and transfer decisions.

RAPID AI digital visualization platform includes software modules:

  • - Rapid ICH;
  • - Rapid ASPECTS;
  • - Rapid CTA;
  • - Rapid LVO;
  • - Rapid CTP;
  • - Rapid for Angio;
  • - Rapid MRI;
  • - Rapid Aneurysm.

RAPID AI digital platform is FDA approved and is the most accurate and clinically valid product on the market.

RAPID AI platform is the golden standard for advanced vascular imaging worldwide

After the initial validation of an NIH-sponsored DEFUSE 2 study published in 2012 and extensively studied in 14 worldwide clinical trials, iSchemaView purchased the technology rights to the software that same year. Since then, adoption of the Rapid® platform has quickly grown.

In early 2019, iSchemaView received FDA clearance that allows physicians to use our imaging platform to select stroke patients likely to benefit from endovascular thrombectomy (clot removal).

Data Security and Compliance

RAPID AI is committed to upholding the most rigorous information security standards.

To this end, Company continually invest in people, processes and technology to protect our platform and data.

The RAPID AI platform has been developed using the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cybersecurity framework.(NIST).

It is also HIPAA compliant, GDPR compliant, ISO 13485, ISO 27001, and ISO 27701 certified.

  • - Encryption of ePHI data at rest and in transit;
  • - Software access control settings Real-time feedback on utilization and system performance;
  • - Reporting to monitor and audit ePHI usage;
  • - Third party penetration testing Built in de-identification patient data process;
  • - Global cloud storage localized to hospitals;
  • - Secure HIPAA and GDPR compliant messaging and calling on the Rapid mobile app.

Rapid Aneurysm

Comprehensive cerebral vascular Aneurysm Management

RAPID AI offers complex digital platform Rapid Aneurysm for treatment of cerebral vascular aneurysms.

From a patient’s imaging scans, the platform creates a personalized 3D model of the vasculature and provides tools for accurate measurement and identification of morphological changes. Helping physicians save time, improve patient care, and increase revenue by automating the process of finding, tracking, and proactively treating aneurysms.

Action algorithm:

1. Converts 2D images to 3D vasculature models to aid in the visibility of aneurysms. Highlights potential aneurysms.

2. Calculates and records clinically relevant measurements. Delivers high-resolution 3D modeling of a patient’s vasculature. Provides high-resolution measurement tools to help clinicians more precisely measure and visualize morphological changes

Ankyras is a clinical 3D application for planning of endovascular procedures with flow diverter devices. Ankyras helps the clinician to select the device based on the patient specific vasculature, providing information about the expansion and local device porosity.

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